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Our water and gas service includes replacing, installing, or repairing water re-pipers, new mainlines, gas re-pipes.

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Let our technicians install water filtration units such as Halo 5 or RO plant.


We look after small plumbing tasks such as fixing sinks and others. We also install and repair the water heater.

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True Flow is a family-owned sewer and drain plumbing business. We offer our customers true and fair prices. When you take our services, you do not have to fret about any hidden charges. We take pride in delivering what we promise. We are certified plumbers available for contracts.

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1. Research Local Sewer Pump Repair Companies – Look for sewer pump repair companies in La Puente online or in local directories. You can also ask for recommendations from friends, family, or neighbors who have had sewer pump repairs done in the past.

2. Check for Experience – Look for a sewer pump repair company with sufficient experience in the field. Experienced companies are more likely to provide efficient and effective repairs.

3. Check for Licenses and Certifications – Ensure that the sewer pump repair company is licensed and certified to operate within the state of California. This helps to guarantee that they meet the required standards for the job.

4. Read Reviews and Testimonials – Check the company’s website, social media pages, and other online platforms for reviews and testimonials from past clients. This will give you an idea of their reputation, level of service, and customer satisfaction.

5. Compare Pricing – Check the pricing of different sewer pump repair companies in La Puente to find the one with the best value for money. However, remember that the cheapest option may not always be the best one.

6. Check for Warranties and Guarantees – Look for a sewer pump repair company that offers warranties and guarantees for their services. This gives you assurance that they will stand behind their work and provide any necessary repairs or replacements in case of any issues.

7. Ask for References – Finally, ask for references from the company and contact them to find out about their experiences and whether they would recommend the company. This will also give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the company’s services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sewer Pump Repair in La Puente

Why is my sewer pump not working?

There are several reasons why your sewer pump may not be working, including power failures, clogs in the intake or discharge pipes, or a damaged pump. Contact a professional for a diagnosis and repair.

What happens during a sewer pump repair?

During a sewer pump repair, a professional will inspect the pump and related components, diagnose any issues, and replace or repair damaged or malfunctioning parts. The repair may involve clearing clogs, repairing damaged pipes, or replacing the pump entirely.

How long does a sewer pump repair take?

The length of a sewer pump repair will depend on the extent of the damage and the repairs needed. Some repairs may take a few hours, while others could take several days. Your professional repair service should be able to provide an estimated timeframe.

What should I do if my sewer pump needs repair?

If you suspect that your sewer pump needs repair, contact a professional repair service as soon as possible. Continuing to use a damaged or malfunctioning pump can cause further damage to your system and may result in more expensive repairs down the line.

How can I find the best sewer pump repair service in La Puente?

To find the best sewer pump repair service in La Puente, look for a trusted, licensed, and experienced company with a good reputation and positive customer reviews. Ask for referrals from friends, family, or neighbors, and do your research before choosing a service.


A sewer pump is a vital part of any plumbing system, and when it stops working, it can create a nightmare for homeowners. A malfunctioning sewer pump may lead to backed-up sewage, which poses a health hazard to the inhabitants. In La Puente, California, finding the best sewer pump repair service can be daunting, but it is not impossible. This article provides a guide on how to find the best sewer pump repair service in La Puente.

Research the service providers

The first step in finding the best sewer pump repair service is to research the various service providers in La Puente. You can start with your local directory or search engines. Make a list of potential service providers and their contact details. Research their websites and social media pages for reviews from past clients. Ensure to scrutinize their websites and social media presence to get a sense of their professionalism.

Experience and Qualifications

After compiling a list of potential repair services, you need to narrow it down to the most qualified ones. Look at the experience and qualifications of each candidate. The company should possess a team with the necessary qualifications and experience to handle the repair. Choose a company with years of experience in sewer pump repair, and their employees are certified and qualified.

Cost and Warranty

The best sewer pump repair service should offer a reasonable price and warranty for their work. Compare the quotes and warranties offered by different service providers, and choose the best one. Be wary of extremely low prices and guarantees that sound too good to be true.


In conclusion, finding the best sewer pump repair service provider in La Puente is vital for your plumbing system’s health. Research the potential service providers, scrutinize their qualifications and experience, and compare their pricing and warranties. Reputable sewer pump repair companies can identify the root cause of the problem and offer a lasting solution. Follow these tips and get your sewer pump back in working order in no time.

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La Puente (Spanish for “The Bridge”) is a city in Los Angeles County, California, United States. The city had a population of 39,816 at the 2010 census and is nearly 20 miles (32 km) east of downtown Los Angeles.

The native inhabitants of the Place now occupied by the city of La Puente were the Tongva lived in a village called Awingna, which linguists translate as “abiding place.” The Awingna chief Matheo (who with held sway over several other available villages) was baptized at Mission San Gabriel in 1774.

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