Drain Service

Our technicians can fix any type of stoppages that range from small to large. Be it a sink clog, the mainline clog, offset or broken pipes, or something else, we handle all of your drain needs from cleaning to repair. We are specialized in clearing any drain, including tubs, mainline stoppages, sinks, and more.

We ensure to clean and extinguish waste and harmful elements that damage your pipes. We handle your clogged drain, which determines the effectiveness and longevity of your drainage system.

Our plumbers also flush out all debris from your pipes and increase their durability.

Kitchen Drains

Kitchen lines can build up with food particles, grease, and debris. Food that goes down the sink clogs your pipes. However, setting up a composting pile can get you rid of food waste. Be cautious of grease or oil as they solidify in the pipes and cause a blockage. Our technicians can unclog a drain quickly and offer maintenance advice so you can keep your drain in good shape.

Bathtub and Sink Drains

The most common reason for a clog in your tub or sink is hair. Also, toothpaste, soap, and other products can contribute to the stoppage. We unclog not only your drain but also offer ways to prevent blockages. Our professionals inspect the condition of your plumbing so you can stay posted about the plumbing problems.

Main Line Drains

We understand that the mainline stoppages can be a nightmare. Due to mainline blockages, all of the drains in the house are affected and become non-operational. But do not tense; we can help. Here, we can unclog mainline stoppages quickly and efficiently. With our next-gen equipment, we remove roots and clean the inner walls of the drain.

Cable Drain Cleaning

Let our plumbers help you get rid of the most unexpected blockages. We also remove the buildup throughout the pipelines, so you can continue having smooth water flow without any blockage or disturbance.

Hydro Jetter

Hydro Jetter is commonly used for the yearly maintenance of your sewer lines. We first inspect the reasons for blockage in your pipelines. If it cannot be unclogged by simpler means, we suggest going for the better hydro option. Depending on your pipes’ type of problem and size, we use pressure ranging from 300-4000 psi.

Chain Descale

To eliminate the blockages caused by cast iron sewer lines, we use high-velocity chain descale machines. Each pong in the machine is connected to a chain that varies in size depending on the pipe. The pongs spin at the highest velocity to hone the pipe in the original dimensions.

Sewer Repair

We provide our customers monthly, and yearly sewer maintain services.
With our advanced equipment, we replace your old sewer line with a new, longer-lasting pipe. If you are shifting to a new home, or want a new sewer system for your commercial place, contact our office today and schedule our contractor’s visit. We provide honest and fair sewer line repair, maintenance, replacement, and installation services.


Perma liner is a trenchless pipelining system and is one of several approaches to trenchless sewer repair. This pipelining is used to repair damaged sewer lines that still retain a significant amount of their structural integrity. We have a state-of-the-art repairing system that offers the most reasonable solution to fix broken and damaged pipes and sewer lines. Our Perma-Liner’s service restores the buried pipelines in better condition and in lesser time than a traditional re-pipe.

Pipe Burst

We use trenchless sewer replacement in the pipe bursting method where a steel cable hydraulically pulls a large cone warhead through the old sewer line. It breaks apart the old pipe underground and simultaneously pulls into place a seamless interior piping that is fused for a longer length called HDPE or Poly piping. The whole process can be indicated by several green strips going through the length of the pipe.

Repair and Maintain

True Flow Plumbing and Sewer Specialist also specializes in sewer repair and maintenance. Our sewer repairing service consists of replacing the damaged section while installing the new section of prime material and quality. Our skilled technicians recommend getting clean-out installs on all repairs to match it with the new access point for maintenance.


Our re-drain service includes replacing either horizontal lines or both horizontal and vertical piping that connects to the sewer. We remove all old piping such as cast iron and install new and city-approved ABS tubular. Each time you take our re-drain service, we also install clean-outs at every available section of the sewer line.

Water & Gas

Water Re-pipes

Our water and re-pipes service will replace all horizontal water piping, both hot and cold, and replace both pipes’ verticals and horizontals for the water intake. We also install plastic water piping PEX and hard piping. To check the water meter, we always perform a flush.

New Mainlines

We install new water and gas mainline for your new and old homes. Our skilled technicians cover a full line of installation, maintenance, and repair that your home gas line system or water line system may require. No matter what problem occurs in your mainline, you can always count on our trusted professionals for exceptional service and quality craftsmanship.

Gas Re-pipes

Our gas re-pipes service involves replacing both horizontals and verticals or horizontals only. We take proper safety measures before replacing or repairing your gas pipes. Our plumbers are skilled and highly trained to install and repair your pipes. We can install the flexible gas piping called Trac Pipe or hard piping called Galvanized pipe. We ensure to use city-approved connectors and always perform a gas test to ensure our customer’s safety.

Water Filtration

We know the necessity of water purification is increasing with time. Our technicians are proficient at installing the whole house with water filtration units such as Halo 5. We can also install an RO unit at your desired sink.


Small Plumbing

Our small plumbing service involves taking care of minor repairs like angle stops, shut-off valves, fill valves, etc. We also look after sink fixtures, including pipe replacements, faucets, and sink installs.

Water Heater

Our water heater service includes working on all heaters such as electric, gas, and tankless, varying by size, venting, and power intake. If you need plumbers to install water heater accessories like earthquake straps, gas sediment traps, and circulating pumps, then we are the people you call.

Commercial Property and Buildings

Our services extend to commercial properties such as apartments, buildings, condos, restaurants, warehouses, and HOA. We hold meetings and walkthroughs on all kinds of projects. We also set servicing contracts for consistent checkups on your commercial buildings.

Home Improvement Plumbing Service

Our knowledge and experience in plumbing repair and maintenance with 12+ years of plumbing heritage and experience. Even if the job seems small, we know how to get it done fast and right. Our honest and reliable services in residential plumbing, including emergency repairs, installation and maintenance, and repairs and replacements.

Our home improvement plumbing service includes replacing your freshwater lines, sewer lines, and fixtures. We are also the people you call when you need to install something new such as a tankless water heater or a soft water filtration system. We have a trained and professional staff who can handle any plumbing installation and replacement services you may need. We also install and replace bathroom and kitchen drains and ensure that they are running right.

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